I’m-Yunity® sources all of its active ingredients from the developer exclusively and is grown in our own facilities. Nothing is bought from wholesalers or third parties. Our product is made from the Coriolus Veriscolor Yunzi mushroom and has the highest PSP levels available in any comparable product. Additionally, I’m-Yunity® key ingredient is Polysaccharide Peptide or Polysaccharopeptide otherwise known as PSP. Other supplements may contain some PSP; however, I’m-Yunity® contains the highest level of PSP with 38% or greater of Polysaccharide and 11.5% or greater of peptide. Furthermore, not all PSP sources are equal. Our product is specifically from the Cov-1 strain. It is isolated from the mycelium of the mushroom and not the fruiting body as is the case with other brands. It is manufactured with to FDA heavy metal, pesticide and microbial safety standards.