They are exactly the same ingredients and product. 

The human version existed before the dog label.  The dog label was added after the UPenn study using I'm-Yunity in dogs.  And the recommended dog dosage is based on that study results.  

Our Standard label (or human label) is on both Regular Size, the small bottle, and the Family Size, the large bottle. 

Dog label is only available for the small bottle.  

When you order, we ask you to indicate for dog/human/other animal use is to get an idea of demand for dog vs. human.  

When we fill your order, we ship from different fulfillment center, whichever the closest to you so that it gets delivered there sooner.  Therefor, the products you receive may have either the human or dog label.   If you ordered for dog, the shipment with human label will have a label notice, letting you know that they are the same.